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The cultural wealth of India consists of many forms of art and one of which is Indian Music. CRPIM has been formed to mainly preserve and promote Indian music with organized and professional methodology. Presently in India, the Indian music tradition is not being nurtured the way traditional music is nurtured in other countries. Therefore there is an urgent need for an Institution to synchronize the whole system with regard to Indian Music thereby making the world and Indians as well, realize the true values imbibed in Indian music. At CRPIM what we feel that the process of making known the values of Indian music to the masses needs to be strengthen and further improved keeping in pace with the current technological era.
In good old days, the era of globalization was just a concept; therefore none of the countries were able to internationalize their art formats. However, now with the help of many technological avenues available, the whole process of creating awareness of Indian Music needs a different approach. The approach should be based on broader canvass and modern technology to pursue & promote Indian music. If we see the trend worldwide, foreigners are gradually orienting towards Indian music, Indian literature and also Indian theatre and have already started realizing the scientific and spirituality approach, the peace of mind and cultural essence of the social order in various form of Indian Art predominantly in Indian Music. The Center has just begun its mission towards achieving its objective of pursuing, researching, promoting hard-core Indian music lovers domestic as well as internationally.
  1. Creating an effective platform for upcoming talent
2. Creating a state of art facility for music education
3. Creating an Indian Music portal
4. Creating a research center
5. Creating international presence of CRPIM

The Center has been in existence since last six decades. It started its journey in the name of Saraswati Sangeet Vidyalaya way back in 1932 from Indore, in the State of Madhya Pradesh by Pt. Vishvanath Bhalchandra Tagde. Later, his son Shri Sharadchandra Tagde continued the tradition of his father. Saraswati Sangeet Vidyalaya was a joint effort of all big names of that time like Smt Hirabai Badodekar (Vocal), Gangubai Hangul(Vocal), Ustad Babu Khan Beenwale (Been), Ustad Rajjab Ali Khan (Vocal), Ustad Ahmadjaan Thirkava (Tabla), Ustad Amirkhan (Vocal), Ustad Jahangir Khan (Tabla), Pt. Kumar Gandharva (Vocal), Ustad Aladdiya Lhan (Sarangi), Ustad Dhulji Khan (Tabla), Pt. Munir Khan (Sarangi), Pt Vinayak Rao Patwardhan (Vocal), Pt. Narayan Rao Vyas (Vocal), Pt. Committed V. N. Ratanjankar (Musicologist), Raja haiya Poochwale (Vocal), Pt Shankar Rao Pandit (Vocal) etc. Since then it has been a long journey, dedication and commitment to Indian music and its various branches. Later the legendary Singer and Bharat Ratna Sushri Lata Mangeshkar inaugurated the expansion of the Institution on the occasion of its 18th Annual Function in 1950. The people behind the Center have been associated with almost all maestros of Indian classical music and Indian music, to name a few are Pandit Ravi shankar, Bharat Ratna Bismillah Khan, Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi etc.

The younger generation of the founders in Tagde’s is Shri Ratish Tagde. Ratish who is a Company Secretary and a violinist, has taken up the task to pursue the original vision and ambition of late Pandit Vishwanath Bhalchandra Tagde in a more organized form and with professional approach. In last few years the centre has organized many monthly concerts for promotion of new talents through concert series called Sangitika. CRPIM also hosted concerts like Navratan, Aani Chandana Hasla, Mumbai Raga, Celebrations and many more in promotion of Indian Classical Music and upcoming artists. CRPIM also created high definition Video recording of upcoming talents and featured them on Insync music channel under the project called “India Stage”. It also conducted fund raising concerts with L. Shenkar and most recently Soul India concert with Hariharan.

  The following team of dedicated office bearers manages the Center:

Shri Sharad Chandra Tagde

Shri Sharad Chandra Tagde is a musicologist and a vocalist. He is in the field of Indian Music for nearly last six decades. He has trained hundreds of students and is also an expert in orchestration based on Indian Music.

Shri Ratish Tagde

Shri Ratish Tagde is a Law Graduate and a Practicing Company Secretary. He is also an accomplished Violinist, and is highly musically educated. He is triple M.A. in music with many other significant achievements.

Smt Seema Tagde

She is the Chief Executive Officer and Secretary of the centre and fully dedicated and responsible for all affairs of the Centre. She has been working for the centre for last so many years and gained expertise on all relevant departments. Seema is putting in real herd and concentratedefforts for achievements of centre's objectives.

  The Center intends to pursue its long-term of having state-of-art Infrastructure facility, which will consist of the following:

i) Own premises
ii) An extensive musical library consisting of textbooks, magazines for research scholars etc
iii) An extensive audio visual library
iv) In-house residential facility for Indian and foreign students.
v) An auditorium having capacity of 1500 audience for promotion of Indian music.
vi) In-house recording studio facility for students and upcoming artists.
vii) Musical spirituality and Music therapy center
viii) Audio/video projector room.

The Center proposes to enroll all music maestros worldwide as faculty. The faculty will devote their time to impart expert training on music both domestic and international.


One of the Center’s main objects is to carry out promotional activities in Indian Classical Music. We have classified promotional activities in the following four categories:

Small Scale events: Includes the ambitious project of the Center titled ‘Monthly Baithaks’. In these series, we conduct small sit down program of upcoming artists.

Medium Scale: In this category we propose to conduct at least two medium scale events in a year wherein in addition to the performance by the upcoming talents, one well known maestro will also perform.

Large Scale: Large-scale events mean Centers annual events.

Seminars: The Center also proposes to organize seminars on various subjects of Indian Music wherein features like Lectures demonstrations will be organized.

Global Community of Indian Music (GCIM) : To activate GCIM an initiative to create a sustainable Indian music eco-system across the world. GCIM is a mission to preserve, protect and promote various genres of Indian Classical based music.


CRPIM proposes to introduce a concept of ‘music education classes through Mobile Musical Vans’. Under this project we propose to buy couple of vans, which will go to various societies and places in Mumbai throughout the city on appointed days and conduct classes at various places. Following are the main features of this project:

  • These unique Mobiles Musical Vans will have the following:
    • Minimum required number of musical instruments
    • One music instructor
    • One helper
    • Electronic equipment
    • Adequate space to accommodate at-least five music students
  • Wherever there is shortage of place for conducting music classes and candidates are willing to learn Indian Classical music, we will take our van in that area and impart training.
  • Van will go to interior areas to create awareness about Indian Music.
  • This van will also be used to transport artists for shows
  • Some times there are instances that people are not in a position to invest money on buying instruments etc. In such cases we will take our van with instruments.
  • The van will also be used as publicity mode for various projects of CRPIM
  CRPIM proposes to set up a research division to undertake research work on various musical topics. We also propose to create a detailed segment in the web site website wherein all research programs will be uploaded and viewed internationally. Also we intend to introduce various incentives, scholarships etc., for the students who are taking up research assignments with us.  
  CRPIM is registered under:
  • Societies Registration Act 1860 : Regd. No.1464
  • Public Trust Registration Act 1950 : Regd. No. F -32927
  • FCRA : Regd. No. 08378146
  • 80G : DIT (E)/MC/80G/714/2010-11