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Dr. Ram Deshpande

Dr. Ram Deshpande, born 1968 hails from Vidrbha. He has a rich musical tradition. He is a renowned vocalist of new generation and an artist of commendable talent. Dr. Ram Deshpande was initiated into classical music by Shri. Chepe, Shri Panake and Pt. Prabhakar Deshkar. Then he had been under the able guidance of Pt. Yashwantbua Joshi and Pt. Ulhas Kashalkar to rise to great heights as a vocalist of the traditional Gwalior and Jaipur Gharanas. He has received guidance from Pt. Babanrao Haldankar

He got the postgraduate degree in music from Nagpur University with gold medal. His doctoral thesis on ‘Mishra Ragas’ was completed under the able guidance of Pt. V.R. Athavle .He has a sonorous and seasoned voice and has a number of ornamentations like gamak, Behlao,meend etc. at his command. He has a good command of rhythm and large variety of tans. He has a large repertoire of popular and rare raga combinations

Dr. Ram Deshpande has been recipient of Government National Scholarship and the Kesarbai Kerkar Scholarship by N C P A Mumbai. In 1991 the SRA Kolkata honoured him with the “Best Vocalist Award”, it is indeed a commendable achievement. He has been also honoured by the prestigious ‘Vidyasagar Award’ by music forum. Besides, he is an ‘A’ – Grade artist of the Akashwani and Doordarshan . He has also performed on several prestigious musical platforms.

He has toured Holland, Germany, Dubai – Muscat for concerts. He has also toured India extensively and has been appreciated everywhere as a promising artist, both by common audience and connoisseurs. There are CDs and cassettes to his credit featuring rare ragas like Mira Malhar, Lalita Gauri, Samant Sarang, Rageshree Bahar, etc,.

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Name  Dr. Ram Deshpande
Address  6, Vanshwel, Plot No. 18,
Contact Nos.  28698749/9869034450
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